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Cushion Covers Online

Thinking of renovation? Planning to give your living room a makeover? Well, cushions can play quite a pivotal part in enhancing the overall décor and adding a splash of aesthetic elegance to your home. The soft and smooth surface of cushion covers not only offers an appealing décor but also makes you feel relaxed. At Kritarth Handicrafts, we have the best quality cushion covers with unique handmade designs and a variety of digital prints. We are a one-stop eCommerce portal for all your home décor accessories, especially cushion covers. 

Choose from a wide range of cushion covers made from the best quality polyurethane foams and some of the finest handmade designs like checkered designs, block print, bordered maze, The cushion covers are available in a variety of unique and exquisite colors and patterns as well to enhance the sophistication quotient of your home by several notches. They are affordable and easily available too. We have some of the best artists who know the art of embroidery as well as customized digital prints. So, whatever is your style, you won’t be disappointed with us! 

These cushion covers are designed in a number of colors, supplemented with unique shades. Cushions at Kritarth Handicrafts are designed by professional artists who carry the age-old artistic legacy. We not only offer you the best quality materials and designs but also at an affordable price. So, you won’t have to keep putting off your home renovation because of budget constraints. Choose from a variety of fluffy and soft pillows & cushion covers that portray the skill and the artistic intelligence of our designers. Our expertise and unique collections have gained a great repute among customers due to which our products are also in high demand.


How to Refresh Your Space With Handmade Cushion Covers?

With the change of season, it always feels like a good excuse to decorate the space. Buying new furniture, and painting space is not always a practical idea and not affordable as well. If you are looking for some inexpensive ideas to refresh your space, consider buying printed cushion covers seasonally to spice up the indoor environment.


Refreshing the Space with Cushion Covers

Handmade cushion covers eliminate the need for buying new pillows every time. All you have to do is get the new cotton cushion covers and slip them on the existing one and that’s it. Be it your sofa or your diwan or a chaise lounge, you will soon notice the difference it brings out. If you have got new living room furniture or need to spice up the look without spending huge, sofa cushion covers can make the world of difference. The right printed cushion covers which can be used on throw pillows can completely revamp the look of your living room from cozy to ambivalent and from contemporary to traditional. Not only this, but they also add comfort to an uninviting sofa. 

Choosing printed cushion covers

Choosing cushion covers – the task may seem mundane, and strategic thinking may seem unwarranted. However, be aware that the color, texture, and pattern of your cushion covers can make or break your décor. Look around your living space for the colors and texture that you can opt for while purchasing cushion covers online. Try matching it with the theme of your furniture or you can get a similar color combination to that of the wall painted in the living room. Also, you can completely go in contrast to unify the look of your living space. It is not just the living space, but these cushion covers can be used as throw pillows for your bedroom/guestroom as well.

Find out other ways to use sofa cushion covers

If you are looking for ideas to use the sofa cushion covers, look around over the Internet or home décor magazines offering you plenty of home décor tips. The home décor magazines will show different mix and match styles to use printed cushion covers. This way you can change most of your space décor in a very affordable way.

Do you want a traditional look or a contemporary one?

Throw cushion pillows gel wells with any type of room arrangement. This means you can décor the way you wish to. There are plenty of options available in traditional which include mirror work covers, handmade cushion covers, watercolor painting, hand block printed cushion covers, antique gold work cushion covers, and so on. Whereas the contemporary ones include polka dots, geometrically designed cushion covers, bohemian throw pillow covers, soft velvet throw covers, faux fur cushion covers, and so on. 


If you are choosing traditional themed cushion covers, buy smaller-sized cushion covers making your space look cozy and festive. Whereas for the contemporary look, choose solid bold colored cushion covers. They not only refresh the space but it makes your room look spacious. If you are looking to buy in bulk, you’d get plenty of sofa cushion covers online choices, and that too at an affordable price range. Available in different shapes and variety, you’ll surely enjoy buying them and liven up your space at a fraction of the cost.


FAQ - Cushion Covers Online


What Fabric is Best for Cushion Covers?

The fabrics ideally suited for home sofa cushion covers are varied. You can choose from different fabrics like cotton, silk, jute, polyester, velvet, and others. Cotton is a breathable and durable option, while silk is best suited for those looking for a material that feels extremely soft on the skin. The best fabric that you buy cushion covers online in India will depend on your personal state and the type of upholstery to bring in an aesthetic balance in the room. At Kritarth Handicrafts, you can buy cushion covers in different fabrics depending on your needs.  


How is the Fabric? Is It Soft or Rough?

Cotton and silk cushion covers are soft covers and would go perfectly with the modern and classic decor style in your room for a smooth finish. If you have a traditional style home, you can opt for slightly rugged jute cushion covers that would match perfectly with the decor. 


Can Cushion Covers be Washed?

Yes, cushion covers should be washed once every two months to help get rid of the dirt and dust settled on them. But different fabric cushion covers will need to be washed using different methods. While cotton and silk fabrics can be washed by hand and in the washing machine, silk cushion covers need to be washed by hand only.


How do I Choose a Cushion Cover?

Designer cushion covers online India is a great way to add some style to your living room or your bedroom. You can choose from various styles, patterns, and colors of cushion cover online at Kritarth Handicrafts. The type of cushion cover you pick will depend on the kind of look you aim to achieve. You can choose to follow the same color palette as the walls in your living room for the sofa pillow covers. If you are picking cushion covers to match your bedding in the bedroom, choose specific colors such as that of the walls to blend the room's aesthetic feel.  


Are Cushion Covers Machine Washable?

Cotton cushion covers are the easiest to machine wash and can be done along with your daily laundry. Ensure that you close the zipper before putting them in the washing machine to avoid tangling. 



Silk cushion covers are best hand-washed, but if you are using a washing machine, make sure you are using cold water and a mild detergent. Turn the silk covers inside out and put them inside a mesh laundry bag before putting them into the washing machine.


Jute Cushion covers should not be washed in the washing machine. They are to be hand washed in cool water using a mild detergent. Jute fabrics need to be handled with care as they are quite brittle.


Where can I buy cushion covers online?

Well, there is something fascinating about physically verifying the cushion covers from a departmental store. But online cushion cover shopping also has its own allure. You get to browse through a myriad of options, compare features, prices, and other relevant details. Kritarth Handicrafts is your one-stop destination for buying cushion covers online at an affordable price range. 


What fabric is best for cushion covers?

Cushion covers are available in a wide range of fabric types, from cotton to linen blends to sateen to velvet. While some variants may show off your personal style statement, some might be rich in sophistication. Well, among all the fabric types, cotton is considered the best fabric for cushion covers. It is durable, elegant, comfortable, and soft, and offers you the best relaxation experience.   


How do you measure a cushion cover?

Getting an inappropriate fitting cushion cover can be a nightmare. So, to start on the right foot, do measure the dimensions of your cushion cover with tape. Always opt to buy cushion covers at least 2 to 4 inches bigger than the cushion size as certain fabrics tend to shrink after a couple of washes. 

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