Textile Industry

Textile Industry

We all known that when fiber convert into yarn and yarn into fabric Textile born.These fabric dyed or printed and fabricated into clothes.  It play a major role in India.You can say this industry is backbone of India economy. A large part of India exports connected to this industry.Now you can estimate how much textile is important for India.Textile Industry

This industry has amazing process which starts from cultivating and harvesting > preparatory process>spinning yarn manufacturing >Weaving fabric manufacture>Knitting fabric manufacture>Finishing of textile. Here is short video of easy understanding about textile industries process.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m91e-AOlSBs[/embedyt]


You are thinking why I described textile process in front of you ? The only objective is define you about process how our (Kritarth Handicrafts) products go through quality check and provide you best material  We assured you about product quality its price also.Quality is main or most important part of product. Now here is question that how we can measure about quality without touching that product online,Right? Unfortunately we can not touch products online but we can measure quality by giving bullet points,description etc. We must go through bullet points or description to know about bedsheets better.

  • Size : Size is important factor while we are going to buy any bedsheets online.We must known what is our requirement queen size bedsheets or king size bedsheets.with the factor of size half of our problem get solve,Now next problem is Fabric.
  • Fabric: There are different type of fabric available i.e. cotton,poly cotton,silk,chenille,velvet,silk etc..We know what we want so always select fabric according to your need.
  • Thread Count : Thread count is no really important it is applicable only on cotton products.

So always choose perfect products according to your need and enjoy your shopping hassle free on Kritarthhandicrafts.com

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