Dusshera : Celebration Of Victory Of Truth


Dusshera: Celebration Of Victory Of Truth


Vijayadashami is also known as Dussehra. In Hindu tradition, it is a victory on the evil of truth. It is celebrated at the end of Navratri in the month of October. In the southern, eastern and northeastern states of India, Vijayadashami marks the end of Durga Puja, remembering goddess Durga’s victory over the buffalo demon Mahishasura to restore and protect dharma. Ravana was ten-headed demon king of Sri Lanka who had kidnapped the wife of Lord Rama, Seeta to take revenge of his sister, Suparnakha. From then, the day Lord Rama killed Ravana was started celebrating as the Dussehra festival.


People celebrate Dussehra by organizing a big fair or Ram-Lila where they show the dramatic life history of Lord Rama. The Ram-Lila fair indicates the legends behind celebrating the Vijay Dashmi which are Lord Rama and Ravana. It shows the whole history of kidnapping of Seeta, the victory of Rama and defeat and kills of the demon king, Ravana and his son, Meghnath and brother, Kumbhkaran.

Real people play the role of Rama, Lakshman, Seeta, and Hanuman however they make the paper statue of Ravana, Meghnath, and Kumbhkaran. On the day of Dushera fares are organized in public place where the effigy of Ravna, Kumbhkarna, And Meghntha lit with fire. Shops are decorated with toys and home decor or home furnishing items. Everyone enjoys the joy of victory of Lord Rama over Ravna.

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