Worry about mattress ? Here is how mattress protector help

What is a mattress protector?

To know about how mattress protector help firstly we need to know what is mattress protector? So mattress protector basically a type of cover which protects your precious mattresses from dust, water, allergy, and bacteria. A waterproof mattress protector help in giving your baby a peaceful sleep at night.

Here are various factors where mattress protector helps you keep your mattress perfect fit for years.

Keep mattress clean:

The first and very important factor of mattress protector that it clean your mattress from unwanted stains because a single stain can void the quality of your bedding. So it is very important to keep your mattress clean.

Protect mattress from water:

Mattress protector help to protect your mattress from water and help in giving your baby a peaceful rest without any irritation. A peaceful rest keeps your baby’s fit and healthy for the whole day. Here is where a mattress protector that helps.

Providing additional comfort:

Mattress protectors also help in giving additional comfort to your body when you sleep. Enjoy a better night’s sleep with help from Kritarth Handicrafts Quilted Mattress Pad. The quilted pad not only increases your level of sleeping comfort, but it also adds an important layer of protection between the bed sheets and the mattress.

Now here are some medical features that describe you why mattress protector important.

Protect against allergy:

If you or your family members struggle with allergies, you will definitely want to get a mattress protector. The cover keeps you healthier by avoiding contact between dust mites, animal dander, and various other allergens with the mattress itself. If these allergens end up on the cover, the cover can be removed and washed. You will have a healthier, better sleep overall with the mattress protector.

Protection from dust:

No matter where you live, your mattress is bound to become dusty over prolonged usage and this can only be avoided if you use a quality mattress protector. If you have dust allergy, then this is something you should keep in mind.

Why You Should Purchase Kritarth Handicrafts Mattress Protector:

100% Waterproof Mattress Protector :

how mattress protector help

Kritarth Handicrafts mattress protector 100% waterproof. A high-tech mattress protector that repels liquids or spills of any kind – this waterproof mattress protector from the house of Kritarth Handicrafts is breathable and does not allow for any seepage on or into the mattress. These features ensure that your mattress protector continues to possess good hygiene and long-lasting freshness, thereby leading you to own it for a long time to come. Our mattress protector has a top layer made of ultra-absorbent cotton terry that regulates the body temperature and keeps your protectors cool and noiseless. Kritarth Handicrafts Mattress Protectors offer protection against dust mites, fluids, urine, perspiration, and allergens and making them especially helpful for those with kids, pets, allergies, or incontinence.


how mattress protector help

With the promise of offering your baby a comfortable sleep, the mattress is made up of 100% noiseless soft cotton fabric. The top surface is made of cotton terry, which is noiseless, will not change the feel of your mattress, and naturally absorbs moisture. It also helps protect your mattress against bedwetting. It’s waterproofing from the inside is adequate to protect the mattress and the outer side gives a wonderful fabric feel.


how mattress protector help

Designed to offer the utmost comfort to elderly patients. The mattress protector is designed with fine quality fabric that gives soothing comfort and grants a superior sleeping experience. The fabric allows comfortable sleep while protecting your mattresses against allergens, dust mites, bacteria, perspiration, urine, and fluids.

Fitted Mattress Protector

how mattress protector help

To ensure a great fit, an elastic band is used on the side skirt to automatically pull excess material up to 12 Inches under the mattress.

Available In Different Sizes

Kritarth Handicrafts always keep customer demand in mind. So we offer 2 different sizes for mattress protector first one is Twin & King Size. Now let me tell you what is the difference between the two sizes.

Twin Size : 

In India, people use two types of mattress that is two pieces of single size mattress and one double bed mattress protector. Which people have two pieces of single size mattress protector here twin size mattress protector helps. In twin size 2 single piece or a pair of mattress protectors came in use. Size for twin size mattress protector is 36*75*12 Inch. It can protect your mattress till 12inch deep.

King Size:

Another size for mattress protector is King size. It is used for those who have a single double bed mattress protector. King size mattress protector size is 72*78*12 inch it is also can protect your mattress till 12 inches deep.

Height- Up to 12 Inches:

It has an overall elastic grip which is easy to stretch and fit the base under the mattress & it ensures to fit mattresses up to 12 inches thickness. Handy for restless sleepers & small children who would sleep comfortably.

Machine Washable :

how mattress protector help

Machine-wash with your sheets using normal household detergents that do not contain bleach. Tumble dries on low heat. Do not iron.

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