How to stay healthy in Indian monsoon season

Indian monsoon season

How to stay healthy in the Indian monsoon season?

The monsoon season may be the most pleasant season in all seasons. But it also comes with lots of problems. In monsoon season it is important to stay healthy and especially now at the pandemic time. Here are some basic tips which we should follow in order to stay healthy.

Consume warm food or drinks

With a little and basic step by consuming warm food and drink we can prevent unwanted flu or infections in the Indian monsoon season.

By using Cotton Bedsheets

In the monsoon, due to storms, the soil gets spread around in monsoon, and soil increases chances of infection but by God’s mercy, using cotton bedsheets during monsoon seasons can prevent you from sickness. Cotton is a natural fiber and by default, it is anti-infected .So by using cotton bedsheets we can also safe from unwanted sickness

Keep the surroundings clean

It is the most basic and needy act which should we do not only monsoon season but also in all seasons. Maintaining good hygiene in your house and its enclosure is one of the most effective practices during the monsoon. By ensuring that the surroundings are clean, with no water stagnation or decaying matter, one can reduce the risk of vector-borne diseases that are carried by mosquitoes and other insects. Using particular repellents is the best for these purposes. The use of liquid vaporizers, electric plug-ins for indoors, and mosquito coils or cards for outdoor settings like gardens or balconies can also be considered.

Make time for exercise

Staying indoors amid the pandemic has significantly impacted the overall metabolism and physical health for many. And now with the arrival of the monsoon, our movements could reduce further. But remember, despite the current circumstances, we should not skip our daily dose of physical exercise. If you can’t hit the gyms or your nearby park, then ensure that you do sufficient physical activities at home.

Avoid Fast Food

If you are very fond of fast foods then sorry monsoon season is not for that. Pollution of water and raw vegetables is very common during the monsoon. You can easily fall ill from contaminants.


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