How To Celebrate Mother’s Day (मातृ दिवस) In India

Mother's Day In India

How should we celebrate Mother’s Day in India.

History of Mother’s Day :

Mother’s day is usually celebrated to honoring motherhood. In 1908 an American incarnation Anna Jarvis started this campaign in remembering her mother which became official in 1914. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Why it is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May?

it is said that after three years when it became official then US President Woodrow Wilson signed the order and declared the second Sunday of every May as a nationwide holiday in America – to be celebrated as Mother’s Day. Now it is celebrated in 170 countries globally.

Mother’s Day In India

Mom (माँ) is not a word it is a world for the child. In India, Mom is the incarnation of God. In India, the concept of celebrating Mother’s Day comes when a child is born from its womb.

Mother’s day is actually a concept outside India. According to Indian culture mother’s day is not a day of a special date it should be the duty of every Indian to make every day mother’s day for their mother. Meanwhile, mother’s day is a concept of honoring mom. Mom is the first and best friend of every human being and it is not a concept to honor to mom on a special day in India however it is a regular activity to honor her every day.

However, there are some tips to celebrate to make her day more special

Decoration: You can take the help of heart design balloons and papercraft to the decor room. Make her day special with big size attractive cake.

Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

A gift to mom should be memorable which will give emotion to your mom whenever she uses it. Here are some recommendations which you can go through.




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