Which is best divan sets for your living room?

best divan sets

The Complete Guide to Divan Sets and How to Choose the Best One For Your Living Room

What is Diwan?

First of all, we should know what is a diwan? Diwan is a furniture piece that enhances the decor of your living room, It is also known as the representative of imperialism. Though Diwan was quite famous in the Rajputana lifestyle, its exquisiteness is beyond any explanation. Keeping the royal attitude in mind, Rajasthani Diwan Set Covers is something to explore.

Which are the best Divan sets for your living room?

If you are looking for the right divan sets for your living room, you should consider what size living room you have, your budget, and what you will be using the divan set for. Some people use the divan sets as sofas in their living room while others use them as extra seating or a place to put their feet up. There are many different types of divan sets available in the market. Here we are discussing the various types of Divan sets.

Reversible Pattern Diwan Set : best divan sets

These types of diwan sets came in the reversible pattern that means which can be spread from both sides, one is the dark side while the other one is the light one. This type of diwan set gives a luxurious look to your living room as well as because of the reversible pattern it is also budget-friendly. By buying a reversible diwan set you can use it 2 times as compared to the simple one.

Quilted Diwan Set :best divan sets

There is another type of diwan set which is a quilted one where 250 GSM sanitized fiber is filled in the bedsheet and cushion cover which makes it luxuries one. If you have a good budget and want a luxurious diwan set cover for your living room then it is the best choice you ever made. With its quilted nature, it also came in a reversible pattern so you can spread it on both sides.

Large Size Divan Set :best divan sets

If your living room divan is large enough that the standard size i.e 60*90 inch can not fulfill your diwan need then this king-size or large-size diwan set for you, these large-size diwan sets have a size of 70*100 inches which is large enough that it can easily fulfill your need.

Create Space that Captivates :

If you think your space is cozy enough to pamper your mood, the rest of the task is adding a deluxe finish and this can be done by bringing in designer products developed through intricate weaves. A captivating home not only enhances your lifestyle and but also give your friends and guests a solid reason to visit you frequently.

How To Take Care Of Cotton Diwan Sets?

After making a decision and buying a diwan set another question came to our mind “how to take care of these diwan sets?” How can we maintain our diwan set so that it can support our diwans for years? If yes, then here is the answer to your question.

1. No matter how smooth or soft you would like your sheets to be. Always avoid using fabric softener. Using fabric softener can reduce the absorbency level and can cause fabrics to become uncomfortable.

2. To make sure that your diwan sets do not lose color, always wash them with a mild detergent. Using a strong detergent may weaken the fibers and make your sheets lose their colors.

3. If you have light-colored sheets, such as cream or white, avoid using a bleaching agent. Using bleach can damage the natural fibers of your linens causing breakage and color loss. It may also make linens a little rough.

4. Always dry them in natural air and fold them neatly once they dry completely.

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