How To Clean Comforters ?

How to wash Comforters

How To Clean Comforter?

There is nothing better than getting into a bed with clean linens.  However, throwing everything into the washer may not be enough to get everything clean, especially when it comes to comforters. Then we have a question in mind How to clean your Comforters at home? When washing comforters, the upkeep depends on the materials and specific care instructions. Here are some tips on making sure your comforter stays clean and cool all year long.

How To Wash A Comforter – Machine Washing A Comforter

Comforters can be machine washed depending on certain aspects of the bedding.

There is nothing wrong with washing your comforter in your washer provided that it fits well. If not, your local laundromat can do an excellent job of removing all the stains, dirt, and dust mites.

Tips For Optimal Washing

1. Review The Care Instruction On The Tag

If your comforter needs to be hand-washed or laundered at particular water temperature, this information will be listed on the tag. The instructions will determine if your feather comforter should undergo wet-cleaning or dry cleaning.

 2. Use Correct Water Temperature

When washing a down comforter at home, choose cold water. Using hot or warm water can shrink the fabric which you should avoid.

 3 Select the delicate wash setting 

How to wash Comforters


When washing your king-size comforter, always use the “delicate” setting to prevent damaging the fabric. The wash settings are typically located towards the right of the machine, along with the “Start” button

4. Add the correct soap

How to wash Comforters

Choose a laundry detergent that has no additives to protect your comforter. Avoid using fabric softener as it can affect the quality of your own bedding. Fabric softener can coat the down and ultimately reduce its fluff.

5. Put the tennis balls inside the washer to help maintain its shape

Once your comforter is inside the washer, throw the tennis balls in as well. The tennis balls cut down on washing time and help maintain the shape of your comforter. Use the same tennis balls to dry your comforter as well.

6. Dry It Properly

if your comforter is washed in soapy water, proper drying is crucial. Proper drying can mean popping your comforter in your dryer with tennis balls. Make sure you pay attention to the recommended dryer setting and time suggested. Washing and drying a comforter correctly is necessary to prevent mold from forming. The amount of time spent drying may be longer depending on the chosen setting. If you prefer low heat, it will take more than one cycle to dry your comforter.


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