Mother’s Day

mother's day

Mother’s Day: Make It Special For Her

mother's day
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Mom is not just a word it is the world for a child. Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children. In most countries, According to tradition Mother’s day celebrated on 2nd Sunday Of May. In 2019 it is celebrated on 12th May 2019. This day celebrated in honor of motherhood, acknowledge of efforts of mothers and their role in the upliftment of society. But in my opinion, we should celebrate every day like Mother’s Day. Because we should respect our mother role and her efforts on every day not a single day of May.

Mom’s Role

A mom plays many roles with her child she becomes a friend when she plays, become a teacher when she teaches and become a chef when she cooks and so on… It is also said that the first teacher in a child’s life is her mom. She teaches everything to her child not only basic study but also teaches about relationships, problems resolution and so on… Her duty can never be ended in her entire life.

                                                                                MOM’s Role

Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day With Gifts

Gifts are a good choice to show respect in front of her and if Gifts become the value of money nothing can be better than this. We gift our mothers’ showpiece or something that is not useful for her for a long time. Gift something that is useful for her as well as when she uses that memory opens in her mind with that gifts. Home Furnishing products are a great choice because it runs for a long time and useful for her also. There are many categories you can choose from that and can celebrate mother’s day with more happiness.




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