Diwan Sets: Beauty Of Your Living Room

diwan sets

Diwan Sets: Beauty Of Your Living Room

Most of the Indian homes have diwan sets in their living room. But just having a diwan set in your living is not enough. Add a surprising twist to the sitting arrangement by decorating your furniture with diwan set from Kritarth Handicrafts.

Kritarth Handicrafts provides the regal touch to the royal divans of the house. Beautifully designed diwan sets available for a fresh outlook. Being an important part of home furnishing diwan can’t be just covered with a plain sheet. these have to be discreetly designed with booster covers and cushion covers.

How to take care of your Diwan set?

  1. No matter how soft or smooth you would like your sheets to be. Always avoid using fabric softener.
  2. To make sure your sheets do not lose color, always wash them with mild detergent.
  3. If you have light colored sheets, such as cream or white, avoid using a bleaching agent.
  4. Always dry them in natural air and shade and fold them neatly once they dry completely.


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