What Is Thread Count And What should be considered while Choosing For Bedsheets?

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What Is Thread Count?

There is a myth in our mind that higher thread count means the best bedsheet. It is said to determine the quality and durability of a bedsheet always consider thread counts in mind. It is true but this is not a complete truth. First of all, we should know what is thread count and how it is matters while choosing for bedsheets. As we know thread counts refer to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. A higher number of threads count means the softer the sheet. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean a fabric feel luxuriously soft and ultra smooth other variables also play an important role. Such as fiber quality, yarn size, weave and finish.

Fiber quality is important for your bedding softness, weight, and durability. Find long stable cotton yarns for softer, smoother and stronger sheets. The yarn is basically of two types, Single Ply Yarn and another one is double ply yarn. Individual fiber twisted into one-ply yarn and multiply two or more yarn twisted together.

Thread Count

Thread count range up to 1200, however, to reach a thread count more than 400 multiple yarns or additional yarns inserted into weaving process known as multiple insertions are used this adds to the bedding strength and durability.depending on the weight of fibers. This can result in a heavier and less supple fabric. So higher thread counts alone may not give you the feel you are looking for. However, thread count below 180 does not consider as a perfect bedsheet. Shop with us for perfect bedsheets.

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