Cotton Vs Polycotton Bedding

cotton vs polycotton

Cotton Vs Polycotton Bedding

We are often confused about cotton vs polycotton bedding while purchasing online or offline. Right? Today I am going to discuss this and hope your doubts will clear while reading this post. So, first of all, we should know what is polycotton and cotton fabric. Here is a brief description of both.

What is polycotton?

Cotton vs polycotton bedding

So basically polyester is a man-made material. It is made of chemicals and some other man-made substances. The polyester was first patented in 1941, by a group of British chemists. It soon became very popular, mostly because of its resistance to wrinkles Polycotton is a mixture of both cotton and polyester which makes it blended or polycotton fabric.

What is cotton?

Cotton vs polycotton bedding


Cotton is the opposite of polyester and it is a natural fabric. It is planted in the fields by farmers. In 1793 a man named Eli Whitney invented the machine which separates seeds from cotton fiber which given a new direction to cotton.

In the very short description of fabrics, I believe your one doubt is clear about cotton and polycotton fabric.

Now let me introduce you to the pros and cons of cotton and polycotton fabric.

Pros Of Polycotton Fabric

  1. It is a very strong and durable material
  2. It has great abrasion resistance.
  3. It retains its shape easily. Unlike cotton, it will not shrink, stretch or wrinkle.
  4. It dries very quickly making it ideal for outerwear.
  5. Polyester fiber takes dyes (colors) easily.
  6. It retains its shape well.
  7. It is highly stain resistant making it very easy to clean
  8. Cheaper than any other material

Cons of Polycotton Fabric

  1. Not much breathable as compared to cotton.
  2. Havier then cotton
  3. Resistant to virtually anything except oil stains

Pros of Cotton Fabric

  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Less toxic
  3. Comfortable
  4. Breathable
  5. Natural Fiber

Cons of Cotton Fabric

  1. Expensive
  2. Shrinkable
  3. Holds moisture longe
  4. Natural fibers wear down faster.

Now I believe that your most of doubts should be clear now as you know the pros and cons of cotton and polycotton fabric.

Cotton Vs Polycotton Bedding

No one can decide or suggest which bedsheet you choose. except you. Because it wholly depends on you. You know your skin type, your long time duration, your budget, and so on. Here is a brief advantage of Cotton Vs Polycotton Bedding.

Advantage of using Polycotton Bedsheet

  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Cheaper than cotton bedsheets
  • Lightweight
  • Not shrinkable and anti-wrinkle
  • Long-run
  • Soft feel fabric

Advantage of using Cotton Bedsheets

  • Natural fabric
  • Get softer with the age of bedsheets
  • Cool & Breathable idle for sweating bedding
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-allergic fabric good for soft skins

Now you know the features of cotton bedsheets and polycotton bedsheets as well. But if you are still confused about which bedsheet you should choose then here is a simple solution for you.


As I already wrote it fully depends on you which bedsheet fulfills your requirements. If you have a low budget and want long-run bedsheets then go for polycotton bedding because polycotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton which fulfill your budget requirement and your needs as well.

And if you live in an extra hot atmosphere or having babies in your home then go for cotton bedsheets because of their soft fabric nature. Just because babies have very soft skin and can be infected with infections earlier than adults so cotton bedsheets fulfill that requirement.

If you are still confusing about which bedsheet suits your bedroom then please feel free to chat with us by clicking the ask me button which is floating on the right side of the website. We are always here to solve any query related to bedding.



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